When you have to write your own book: What you need to know

The author of a book about a family’s fight to escape poverty and racism has called on his readers to start writing their own books.

Key points:The author of the “family book” was told he could only publish a limited number of copies of the book and had to sell the rest for a royaltyThe book was a success, but the author has apologisedThe author says the books are a success for the author, his family and the communityThe author has said that the book “came out of nowhere”, but he’s grateful for the support he’s receivedThe family of the author’s family told the ABC they were “shocked and shocked” by the book, which they had heard about from the media.

But the author says he is “not shocked” at all and has been contacted by publishers to ensure his work is not sold to other bookshops.

“It is what it is,” the author said.

“My family’s family doesn’t know it.

My family doesn

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