How to win a $25,000 writing contest for the 2018 LSAT

The deadline for the 2019 LSAT is Monday, Sept. 25, 2019.

That’s right.

The deadline to submit your essay to the LSAT Writing Contest is Monday night, Sept, 25.

It’s an important deadline to write for this year’s LSAT, and this is what you need to do to make it happen.

The writing contest will start on Monday, and it’s free to enter.

If you’ve never submitted an essay before, you may want to do that before you submit your first essay.

That way, you’ll be able to review your work before submitting it.

For those who haven’t submitted essays before, the deadline is Sept. 12, 2018, and if you haven’t completed a full academic year, you’re going to have to wait until the LSAC reopens in 2021.

The LSAC is in the process of reopening, and the writing contest starts on Monday.

You can’t submit your LSAT essay by mail.

If it’s mailed, you must send it by Wednesday, Sept., 26.

If your essay is received by LSAC on Wednesday, the essay will be considered and submitted by Thursday, Sept,.


It doesn’t matter if you have a deadline to do this.

It will be the same deadline for you to submit.

Here’s how to submit an essay:1.

Submit your essay on the LSAs website (

You can do this online through the Writing Services Center, or by calling 800-521-2711.

You don’t need to have an account with LSAs, but it’s good practice to have one to use this tool.2.

Click on the “submit essay” link in the upper right-hand corner.3.

Select the LSAS Entry form, then click on “submit” to submit it.4.

Enter your LSAS essay number in the box below.5.

You’ll be asked to provide a name and email address.

Enter a valid email address and password to log in.

You won’t need a phone number, though.6.

The essay should be sent to the following address: LSAC LSAC Writing Services, Room 2155, 8300 Washington Blvd., Suite 1000, Arlington, VA 22202.

You should then be able a few minutes later to see your essay in your inbox.7.

You will receive an email, along with a link to view your essay.

If the essay isn’t received by the deadline, you will not be able see your LSAC entry.8.

When you receive the LSA essay, it will be in a file format and can’t be copied or shared.9.

Once you see your entry, click on it to view and/or edit it.

You may also share your entry in the Comments section.10.

After you have finished your LSAs essay, you can review your results and/ or submit your next LSAT writing contest entry by clicking on “edit essay” in the lower right-top corner.

You are free to comment on your entry.

This is where you can let us know what you think.

This process will only be available until Sept. 13, 2018.

If you don’t have an LSAs account, you should be able for you essay to be published by Sept. 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.


The deadline for submission of your LSATS writing sample is Thursday, September 27, 2019, and will be Tuesday, Sept 22, 2019 at 11 a.m., PT.

You need to submit a sample for the writing competition, which is a written essay that will be used for LSAT and other written test preparation purposes.

You must send your sample to the Writing Contest by Wednesday afternoon, Sept 25.

If this is your first writing contest submission, you donĀ“t need to worry about it.

The writing contest closes on Thursday, October 5, 2019 for all submissions.

The Writing Contest has a $5,000 cash prize for the winner.

The LSAC will accept your writing sample for its written examinations.

You do not need to send a written exam for the LSATS.

However, you are encouraged to submit multiple samples for the Writing and General Writing sections.

For example, if you want to write an essay for General Writing and LSAT Reading, you could submit your two LSAT essays, and a written examination could be used to select which essay you submit.

You are not required to submit all your LSATE essay entries, and you are not expected to submit each essay in the same way.

Your essay should have a purpose.

You shouldn’t just write an easy one-sentence essay that you’ll just forget about later.

You’re encouraged to explore the essay and get an idea of what you could have written.

The more you do, the better you’ll get.

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