Is this the most effective book you’ve read?

On one of the most popular lists of best books, The Next Book, which has a rating of 2.4 stars on Amazon, lists two books that are particularly effective at persuading people to change their minds.

The first, by Stephenie Meyer, is called The Story of My Life.

The book is full of compelling, real-life examples of the kinds of things you might not normally think about, such as the impact of an illness, the importance of food, the benefits of exercise, and the importance and impact of love.

And while Meyer is an accomplished writer, she doesn’t claim to be a master at this kind of writing, even though it is very persuasive.

Instead, Meyer is simply a storyteller who uses words to show us the importance that we place on a person or a situation.

The second book is called Thinking Big: The Power of Narrative.

This is the book that has the most persuasive effect on the audience.

Meyer’s work is not simply a collection of anecdotes.

She has spent decades studying how to tell stories effectively, and she has found that a narrative is far more effective than a list of facts or numbers when it comes to persuading someone to change a view or action.

This article originally appeared on The Next Word.

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