When does your baby’s handwriting get better?

On Sunday, baby George was given a writing pen by his parents as part of a baby-making class, but he was also given a special set of brushes for coloring his own pages.

He has now been coloring his page for almost two years, and he said he doesn’t have any bad days.

George has also been given the new brushes as a reward for his class’s achievement.

His dad, Bill, said he is excited that George has finally been given his own writing brush.

“George loves the brushes.

He has been able to do his own things and it’s great,” Bill said.

George is already able to write with the brush and coloring, and his dad said he had to tell George, “Don’t stop coloring, just continue.”

George said he’s really excited for his future as a writer, but the brush doesn’t look as good as the ones he used to.

“He’s always had a little bit of trouble coloring, but it looks really good now,” Bill added.ABC News’ John Hickey contributed to this report.

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