NHL Players Are Turning to Writer-Editorializing For New Opportunities

The National Hockey League is rolling out a new strategy for its players, one that involves writing more, and more often, than ever before.

That includes the creation of a writer-editorialization program, the league announced Tuesday.

The program, which was introduced last year, will be rolled out across all teams and all lines.

Its goal is to bring in new writers and editors to the NHL.

The writers and editorializing will happen in three areas:The writers will begin to produce more hockey content in the media than ever, with the goal of getting the NHL to publish more of it.

This will help players get their game on television.

It will also give the NHL a way to better connect with the media.

The goal is for the NHL team to make more of its games available on television, the team says, and to connect with and engage with fans.

The NHL says it will make a $30 million investment in its digital strategy.

The NHL has also introduced a new kind of “postgame show,” one that will have “live conversations with NHL players” to help them better understand their role in the game.

The league says it wants to bring the new approach to every NHL player and to the entire league.

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