Why I’m changing my path to writing a technical

article article By Laura O’BrienPublished March 07, 2019 05:58:12I was told I could be an engineer, a lawyer or an entrepreneur.

I thought I was destined for it.

But now, as a professional writer and a writer in my own right, I’m starting to wonder if I am destined for anything else.

Story continues below advertisementWhen I was an undergraduate, I was told there was no such thing as a writer’s life, and that there were only three things that were valuable: a job, a house and a family.

My mother would have been so proud.

She would have told me that when she was in her 50s, I would be in the employ of the country’s most respected lawyers, who would give me a six-figure salary, and a mortgage that would pay me for the rest of my life.

It was all my mother had dreamed about for me.

My family’s financial situation was in bad shape, but I had been given an opportunity to write for free because of the work I did for the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

I was paid a few hundred dollars a week.

I had the freedom to work anywhere in Canada, and I could even write about the world around me.

I would write about my family and my friends, and how I had grown from a struggling young boy into a seasoned professional in a field where my future depended on it.

I became a successful writer because I believed that it was possible.

And, when I started writing, I had no idea that the next few years would be my life’s work.

My path to the world of writing has been an interesting one.

In my early years, I worked for an advertising agency.

But I was lucky enough to be offered the job of a technical writer.

This was my first foray into writing for the general public, and it took me three years to realise that writing is a profession, not a hobby.

I learned that writing was an art form.

I have a writing coach who teaches me how to write the way I want to write.

I write my own blog posts.

I read and read.

And I’m proud to be a writer.

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