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FourFour two article 4.6K Shares Share Share Share #4.6k A video of a group of women in the middle of a public street in the Philippines has gone viral.

The footage shows the women walking down the street and then stopping at a small convenience store to purchase a bottle of water.

The store is closed and the women are holding up the bottle with the caption, “This is our water.”

The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by a woman called Mariam Alim, has been viewed over 20,000 times as of Monday morning.

The clip has been shared thousands of times by other women who are now sharing the clip on social media.

“This is what it feels like when you are a Filipino woman and you don’t have the right to drink,” Alim told NBC News.

“It’s not about the money.

This is about a right.”

In another video, a woman named Adele said she had to confront her father about drinking water.

“I’m a citizen of the world.

I’m an American,” Adele is seen saying in the video.

“But I can’t drink water.”

Adele is not the only Filipino woman who has made a viral video about water scarcity.

In the past week, other Filipinos have shared similar videos with the hashtag #WaterNotWater.

Some Filipinos say it is a common problem, saying the water is too cheap to drink.

In some cities, the water price has increased to make the cost of a bottle more palatable for consumers.

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