How to Write a Cool Meme

A Korean version of the “cool writing” meme is popular with people looking to get creative.

The Korean term is written in katakana, which is a type of writing system commonly used in Japan and Korea.

The term kataku has become popular because of its appeal to Korean readers, according to a survey by the Korea Times.

“Korean readers find it easy to read and understand,” said Kim Jae-hyung, head of research at the Korea-based research firm Korea Internet Research Institute.

When asked how many Korean words in kato mean “cool,” most people said three. “

It can also be translated as ‘creative writing,'” Kim said.

When asked how many Korean words in kato mean “cool,” most people said three.

The next most common word used in katsugo, for example, is 헥다, which means to look or read cool.

Katakas are also used to describe writing that is more personal, according a Korean online dictionary. The word 게이, which translates as “bend,” is also used as a way to write that makes a person look or move funny.

Many Korean readers of the internet also use the katake-do-do (겁이도), a writing system that is similar to the katsumeta-do system, but has no letters, but instead uses strokes, punctuation marks and capital letters to create words.

In the end, it seems the Korean word katsuhana, written in Korean, is what people are most likely to find appealing in Korean online communication.

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