How to write your resume using writing tutors

By Ryan F. Reilly | Staff WriterTUTOR: Writer/educational therapist for more than 20 years, Dr. Ryan Fischman has spent the last four decades working with students and professionals to improve their writing skills.

He is the author of the book, How to Write a Resume: An Instructional Resource for Teachers, Advisors and Students.

In this episode of the WTF with Ryan F Reilly podcast, he shares his insights on writing a resume for your future employer.1:00: How to start writing a personal statement.1.25: How do you write a resume?1.40: The writing process for your resume.1;50: How does your writing process work?1;55: How much time do you spend writing?1:57: The main reasons why your resume needs to be written.2:00; The best way to write a personal narrative.2.10: How long should your resume be?2.15: What kind of resume writing techniques are you using?2;20: What is your favorite resume writing technique?2:25: Why do you think it’s important to write an effective resume?2.;30: What are some other ways you can improve your resume?3:00.50: What’s the best resume writing tip?3.15; What’s a writing test you should use?3;20; Why do we need to be on the lookout for writing tests?4:00,5:00 or 5:15: How you can use a writing sample for your résumé?5:25.00: What else can you do to help your writing resume?5.15 or 5;25: What should you do if you have any questions?1,2:20: How are you working on your resume writing?

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