How the NSW Government is ‘fighting the opioid crisis’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced the Government will increase funding for mental health care in the state and provide a boost to frontline staff to tackle the opioid epidemic.

Key points:Ms Berejich says she is “absolutely” committed to increasing funding for people living with opioid addictionMs BereJiklians announcement comes a day after the Premier announced $12.7 million to fight the opioid addiction crisis in NSWMs Berejikss announcement comes after the state’s chief coroner recommended the government increase funding to frontline mental health workers to tackle Australia’s opioid epidemicMs Bereikss statement comes a week after the NSW Chief Coroner recommended a boost in funding for frontline mental healthcare workers.

Key point:Ms Bergdahl was released from a detention centre at the age of 29 and was believed to have escaped from a US military base in Afghanistan after being captured in 2009.

The NSW Premier said the Government would increase funding available to frontline Mental Health workers to help them deal with the crisisMs Bereijiklien’s statement comes after a coroner recommended a $12,7 million increase to frontline medical workers to deal with a coronavirus outbreak.

She said the funds would go towards “training and supporting frontline mental Health workers who deal with people who are experiencing a range of symptoms”.

“I’m absolutely committed to ensuring that we provide the resources that are necessary to combat the opioid abuse crisis in the community and in the State,” Ms Berejiaklis statement said.

“I am confident that the funding provided will be a substantial boost to the frontline mental workers who are dealing with the epidemic.”

Ms Berejas statement follows reports a former detainee had escaped from the US military’s Camp Lemonnier and was later captured in Afghanistan.

She has previously spoken about how she believes the former detainee escaped because of the “burden” of his drug use.

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