‘The most brilliant man I’ve ever met’: The world’s greatest writers and thinkers – in one interview

The most brilliant men I’ve known have often made me question my own intellect.

And sometimes, as they say, you have to ask the questions yourself.

And so it is with a book that I’m writing for my sons.

It is about a man who, as a student at Oxford, discovered the power of the human imagination, and wrote about the powers of thought, and the possibilities of imagination. 

The title of my book is The Greatest Thinkers in the World, because in it, I try to explore the greatest thinkers in the world.

I want them to be able to write about the world, and to understand it better. 

In my book, I also try to show that there are still some people out there who have the greatest gift for thought, the greatest imagination, the gift of the imagination.

But we must recognise that we cannot hope to have the great thinkers we should have, if we are not also capable of imagining the world better.

That is why I hope to be writing a book for my children.

This book will not be a work of autobiography.

It will be a book about the greatest minds in the history of thought and of thought itself.

The author is Alan Davidson, professor of philosophy at the University of Manchester.

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