What the Arab world really thinks of the US presidential election

The United States has had a rough few weeks for its image in the Arab and Islamic world.

Trump has not been welcomed by Arab leaders, and his controversial statements and remarks about the Muslim Brotherhood have created a rift between the countries.

The Saudi government has condemned Trump’s election, while Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain and other countries have condemned the U.S. election as illegitimate.

The most popular opinion among the Arab countries is that Trump will not be able to win the presidency.

The Arab League recently said the Trump-led United States was an “unstable, unstable, unstable situation” and urged other states to abstain from voting for Trump.

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Kuwait have already declared their support for Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton.

The UAE, which is known for its support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also criticized Trump for saying Saudi Arabia will not pay for the construction of a border wall.

The Egyptian president has criticized Trump as a “dangerous president.”

There has also been an uproar over Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change agreement.

But Trump’s victory is a boost for U.A.E. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who was sworn in as president last month.

El-Sibi said he was pleased with Trump’s electoral victory.

“I am pleased with the fact that Trump has achieved the electoral victory of the United Arab States, and that the election results were clear,” he said in a televised address.

“Our people are proud of this result, we congratulate Trump and the UAE for achieving a victory for Arab and Muslim interests, which will strengthen the international community and the Arab people.”

In his address to the UAW on Sunday, El-Zoubi said the UAF will take steps to strengthen cooperation with the Arab League and other organizations.

“The UAF is committed to strengthening the Arab-Muslim alliance and Arab-Jewish relations, strengthening the relationship with our Arab brothers, especially the UAA [United Arab Emirates],” he said.

Trump’s policies The Arab countries have been supportive of Trump during his presidential campaign. “

As the UAM president, I look forward to working with the UAS and other Arab governments to implement the objectives of the UNA [United Nations Arab League] and our vision of a U.N.-Arab Peace Agreement.”

Trump’s policies The Arab countries have been supportive of Trump during his presidential campaign.

They said they were looking forward to a new administration.

“Donald Trump has expressed our expectations and hopes for the future of the Arab World and the Muslim world,” UAE President Abdel Aziz Al Thani said in an address on Saturday.

“His election is a great gift to the Arab peoples, the Muslim countries, and all the Arab nations.

He will bring positive changes and will work towards the strengthening of the Middle East and the unity of the Muslim community.”

Kuwait Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al Sabah said on Twitter that Trump’s win “will have great consequences for the Arab state.”

“The new administration will bring a new era of stability and progress to the Middle Eastern region, and we hope the new administration succeeds in restoring the United Nation’s recognition of our state, our sovereignty and our territorial integrity,” he wrote.

“Trump’s election will bring the Middle east a new direction and a new future.”

Egypt President Abdel Fatah al Sisi also congratulated Trump.

“Congratulations to Donald Trump on his election win,” he tweeted.

“A new era will begin with an open and democratic Arab-American state.

The election result will also be a great blessing to the Muslim World.”

The UAE and the UAE have been friendly to Trump during the campaign.

He visited the UAE and Egypt in the weeks leading up to the election.

Trump’s comments about Muslim Brotherhood In September, Trump called the Muslim American Association of New York (MASA) a “radical group” and “a terrorist organization.”

“It’s a terrorist organization.

We’ve got to get them out of the country.

I’m talking about radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump said at the time.

“You know, I’ve had a lot of problems with radical Islamic terrorists, but the one thing that I’m doing right now is getting the Muslim people out of this country.”

The president also said the Brotherhood was “very much like ISIS,” and that it was “probably a terrorist group.”

“And I think it’s a pretty sad thing,” he added.

“ISIS is very much like, if you go to some of the places that ISIS is operating, they’re like, these guys are like ISIS.

And ISIS is a pretty violent group.”

Egypt’s president, Abdel Fadl Al Sisi, said Trump’s statements on the Brotherhood were “unacceptable,” and urged Trump to “rethink” his statements.

“It was a mistake to say that the Muslim brother

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